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Expansion Of Red Rock Canyon

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While Las Vegas may be plenty of attention for it’s manmade attractions, such as world famous casinos and theaters, anyone who has ever been to Nevada can attest to the many beautiful natural wonders that Sin City has as well. One of those beauties is Red Rock Canyon. And for those that enjoy spending their time at Red Rock Canyon, you’ll be happy to know that the area will be getting even bigger thanks to a revamped bill from the federal level.
The bill, which was passed last December, will increase the area of Red Rock Canyon by as much as 1,530 acres. This will be the area of the 215 Beltway and Lone Mountain Road, which is just west of any mining going on in the area.
At the time, the area is not very busy with traffic. In fact, there is a current no off-highway vehicle rule and drivers must go around the canyon. Within the next two years, further changes will be made to the area.

It’s A Family Place

Vegas has plenty of options that are great for those that are celebrating their 21st birthday or a bachelor party before getting married. However, Red Rock Canyon is a place where the entire family can have a great time. Many residents take their families to the canyon due hike, ride ATVs, swim, and do much more.
Additions to the conservation area will include more recreational space for these sorts of activities, as well as picnic areas.

Building The Community

In order to start transitioning the growth of Red Rock Canyon, as well as letting others know about the changes, many citizens in the community have been asked to help. The Red Rock Canyon Volunteer Workday was put together on January 10th to promote engagement amongst the people in the community. There will be more efforts in the future, before the park is opened later this year.

Keeping Things Clean

One area that volunteers will look to clean up at  the Red Rock Canyon is with trash and debris. There has been a lot of litter in public lands over the course of expansion in Sin City, and much of this has taken it’s toll on natural environments as well. The hope is to conserve this area of the Red Rock Canyon, by inciting interest from others and keeping the area clean.
There are other parks in Nevada that are also getting attention, though none quite as much as Red Rock Canyon. Known as one of the most popular and entertaining natural areas just outside of Vegas, the growth of Red Rock Canyon is going to only further add enjoyable activities to the city. So if the idea of bringing your family to Vegas scares you because you think there are only clubs and bars, just know that there is plenty to do that the entire family will enjoy.

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