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Everything You Need to Know About the Strip's Budweiser Beer Park

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When you decide to have a night on the town, you have a ton of places to choose from. From the dining options to the shows, there are a countless number of activities you can get up to. But, if you’re just looking to cut back, relax, and kick back a few beers, some places are better than others, and that’s what the Budweiser Beer Park is all about. Haven’t been before? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s a Rooftop Bar on the Strip

What more needs to be said? The open-air Budweiser Beer Park is located on a rooftop of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, meaning that it offers up one of the better views on the Strip. From your seat, you can get a good view of the Bellagio Fountains and the people milling about on the Strip. While you might do better seeking out an indoor bar if you’re trying to beat the heat, the Beer Park has water misters to keep you cool while still enjoying the natural air.

The Food is All-American and All-Around Great

There’s little pretension to be found at the Beer Park, and just as Budweiser goes out of its way to brand itself as America’s beer, the food menu reads like a cookout lover’s dream come true. Feast on mac and cheese egg rolls, garlic fries, a Bavarian-style sausage, or one of the many burgers. While you won’t find anything too adventurous on the menu, it all comes highly rated.

You Have Plenty of Drinks to Choose From

Of course, there’s beer at the Budweiser Beer Park. But just because the beer garden’s Budweiser-owned, don’t think that your drink options are limited to little more than Bud Light in a can. While you’ll sure find Budweiser offerings at the Beer Park, there are dozens of beers of all different styles to pick from, from the well-known (Michelob Ultra) to the more obscure (Kona Brewing Castaway IPA). Whether you’re a self-proclaimed beer snob or you prefer a regular American lager, you’ll find something to like here.

There’s a Relaxed Cookout Vibe

The at-your-buddy’s-cookout atmosphere doesn’t end at the food and drink menu. In fact, it makes up the entire beer garden. From red Solo Cups to fake grass and yard games, it’s clear that the Beer Park is a place where you’re meant to have a little fun with your friends. And if you’re getting together with a group for the game, take solace in the fact that there are plenty of TVs around for you to get a view of the action. You wouldn’t expect it in downtown Vegas, but the Beer Park might be one of the closest experiences you can get to a lazy afternoon in the backyard.
There’s plenty of seating at the Budweiser Beer Garden, but it’s worth knowing that they take reservations, so don’t be too let down if you and your group can’t find seating without planning in advance. Also, keep an eye out for special events and deals, which you can find on the Beer Garden’s website.

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