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Easy Ways To Keep Your Apartment Cool

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The Vegas heat is quickly approaching and it is expected to be an exceptionally hot summer. Air conditioning can only do so much and can be an inefficient way to cool some spaces. Below are some easy tricks to keep your apartment cool all summer long!

Close The Blinds

This is certainly the most obvious quick fix on our list. Closing the blinds creates a barrier between you and the sun, thus cooling off your apartment. Of course you lose out on the refreshing natural sunlight shining into your apartment, but the trade off very well may be worth it.

Smarter Fan Use

Again, this one may seem obvious but there are lots of different ways to use fans to maximize their cooling effects. You can try putting a cold bowl of ice or water underneath a fan you know you will be sitting by for a little while. This will create a cool breeze rather than just blowing around the already warm air. Ceiling fans should be set to run counter clockwise in the summer months so the warm air is not pushed back down into the room. Keeping ceiling exhaust fans on in the kitchen or bathroom can also act as a sort of air conditioner, pulling in warm air and pushing out fresher, cooler air. Of course, the best thing to do with fans to keep your apartment cool is to keep a few running at all times in rooms you are in the most.

Change Your Sleeping Habits

It is always a challenge to stay cool while sleeping. The combination of blankets, pillows, and pajamas can cause quite a sweat. You should use cotton sheets in the summer time as they allow better airflow and do not keep heat in as much. There are also pillows that have all kinds of technology that allow for better airflow. These pillows will not trap your body heat and will allow you to stay cooler all night long. It is a good idea to leave a window open near your bed that could bring in some cool night air. Depending on the temperature outside, this can really help you stay cool. The fresh night air and sounds of nature are a soothing way to wake up. Changing sleeping habits is a great way to stay cool in the summer heat.

Lighting and Electronics

Lights and other electronics give off way more heat than you may realize. Televisions, computer monitors, and other devices give heat off when they are on and even when they are turned off in some cases. It is important to keep all devices not being used turned off so they are not putting any additional heat into the air. Lights also can make a room much hotter. You can switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, if you haven’t already, as they give off significantly less heat than traditional bulbs. No matter what kind of light you are using, it is always a good idea to keep them turned off when possible. Having the lights off eliminates another heat source in your apartment. These simple electronic and lighting changes will help you keep your apartment cooler. There are tons of different ways to help eliminate air conditioner use this summer, this list is only a start. You can try all kinds of different methods, but on those really hot Las Vegas days, sometimes there is just no substitute for air conditioning.

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