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DW Bistro: Eclectic Cuisine with a Touch of Pizzazz

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Picture this, it’s a warm and breezy night.  You and a couple of your closest friends... wait. Let’s get a little more intimate than that.  You and your beau are out and about the vibrant streets of Vegas.  You’ve seen a movie at the Regal Village Square and are currently playing a flirtatious game of mini golf at the Putt Park Miniature Golf Course.  You do not want the fun to end so you are thinking about taking the less than 20-minute drive to the Las Vegas Strip and you realize you’ve been having such a great time that you’ve forgotten to eat.  The conundrum of this situation is not whether there is a place nearby to grab something to eat; the question of the matter is in which type of dining vibe you wish to experience.


The day is going so well that you want to keep the ambiance classy but the experience fun and exciting.  You are looking for a place that fosters romanticism without screaming old married couple.  You are looking for an eating experience full of adventure, an escape from the here and now, transcending into a culinary fantasy fit for a king and queen.  There is only one place that offers this gastronomic eating experience, DW Bistro.


Located in a small plaza only minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, DW Bistro mixes an American spirit with a Jamaican/Caribbean palette creating a unique and boisterous menu.  Past patrons of the modernly chic bistro have boasted of its great customer service, exquisite food and exciting atmosphere.  Sharing your quixotic day with DW Bistro will enhance your feelings of ecstasy through your senses.

DW Bistro - Much, Much More

DW Bistro is also a great brunch location serving its famous couscous salad and jerk-seared ahi tuna, or it’s widely sought after jerk chicken and waffles.  Other widely pursued menu entrees include the jerk-fried chicken and waffles, jerk lamb chops, Jamaican curry chicken bowl, slow cooked pork bowl and their Jamaica inspired carrot cake.  Its creators and owners, Dalton Wilson (culinary mastermind extraordinaire) and Bryce Krausman (business savvy restaurateur), spent years in their respective careers, one cultivating his exquisite palette through education and work experience and the other honing in on the business sense necessary to achieve, which combined is reflective in their culinary love child, the DW Bistro.


DW’s atmosphere and menu cater to a wide range of patrons including family, date and friendly outings.  It’s a place where you can bring the kids or kick back with the girls or guys.  Located in Southwest Las Vegas, DW services both local residents and those looking to escape the frantic sights and sounds of the Vegas Strip for a fairly priced, yet humbling and classic dining experience without sacrificing the exhilaration expected from your time in Sin City.


Visit the DW Bistro official webpage for more information!

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