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Breaking Stagnation Through Visual Motivation

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At some point or another, everyone encounters a moment in life where the chains of procrastination hold reign to making actual progress.  Whether the scenario involves work, school, home or social involvement, procrastination can affect our “doing” or “not doing,” what needs to be accomplished.  Most are unaware of the mind’s ability to self-motivate.  However, everyone is different.  Some motivate themselves internally, while others require external motivating tools.  All of us could use that positive kick in the pants necessary for success.  Here are three steps to help you ignite your inner enthusiasm and kick your productivity into high gear.

Vision Boards

The concept of a vision board is by far the most effective of all visual motivational tools.  It comes highly recommended by many coaches and self-help gurus.  A vision board is a physical road map depicting a blueprint of how you will achieve what you deem important in life.  Whether you are attempting to finish school, lose weight, work towards a new job or start a family, a vision board will provide the stimulation necessary to keep you going.  Start at the top with a goal.  If the goal is finishing school, a diploma or graduation cap may be used as the top picture.  From there, list in descending order what you need to do to obtain that goal using pictures from a magazine or other periodical.  Use bold expressions that exaggerate your desire making them extremely desirable.  Whenever you accomplish a component of the board use a vibrant color to X it off the list. (That part is extremely exhilarating!!) This board will come in handy, especially during inactive periods of waiting, which are the worst. The effectiveness of the vision board is two-fold.  First the creation of the board subconsciously forces you to make a plan, albeit preliminary.  The process of creating the board provides wisdom as to pitfalls in your plan or in the alternative allows you the foresight of how attainable your goal really is.  Either way, it provides focus to a goal that started as an idea and an idea that turns into an action plan.  Secondly, the board acts as an encouraging tool to keep you motivated during times of procrastination and optimistic during times of doubt.  By far the best motivational tool there is.


On a similar scale, quotes act as a visual stimulant motivating through words, opposed to photos.  Using quotes that really inspire (such as song lyrics, dialogue from a powerful monologue in your favorite movie, or erudite remarks made by classic philosophers) evokes a frame of sensible reference for you to succumb.  Post the quotes in various places throughout your home or office.  They will offer insight and reflection into what you have deemed important for yourself.

Objectifying Your Goal

Another method of visual stimulation is placing an object, specific to your desire, in a location that is hard to miss.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight so you can fit into a specific party dress, place the dress where you can see it with a countdown of the time you have to obtain your goal weight.  This helps combat procrastination.  Finding the get-up-and-go to achieve a goal is the hardest step.  Objectifying the goal gives you a tangible frame of reference to motivate you.
Choosing the method that works for you or manipulating the three into a combination that works for you is only the first steps in creating and completing successful goals.  The main component is you and the desire to fulfill the dreams you create for yourself.  In the end, it’s all up to you.
How do you motivate yourself?

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