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Best Smartphone Apps For Your Apartment

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Technology has changed nearly every aspect of how people go through life. While people used to have to pick up the phone to chat with a friend or watch the nightly news to figure out what was going on in the world, now everyone can simply pull their smartphone out of their pocket and find all of the information they could ever need. One place where smartphones have truly improved the quality of life is within the home. Thanks to the apps that are available on your phone, you can increase the efficiency that you have towards a variety of different daily tasks. In fact, here are some of the best smartphone apps for your apartment.


Nest is quickly growing into a household name, as their thermostat and in-home units are incredibly convenient. With Nest home automation services, you can easily monitor the temperature of your home, as well as other things as well. Nest is especially great for apartment renters, as it is easy to install and ideal for small spaces.

Virtual Plan 3D

If you are short on space, then every inch counts. That’s why an app like Virtual Plan 3D can help you organize your apartment, before you begin bringing furniture in. Virtual Plan 3D is ideal for designing your place, but you can also add design elements if you own your apartment as well. This app allows you to design your apartment right in the palm of your hand.


Evernote is incredibly popular, and for good reason. What started as an app that was used to make taking notes easier, Evernote has transitioned into an app that you can use to tidy up your entire life. Whether it’s organizing your cooking recipes or tracking the kids homework from school, Evernote is a must-have smartphone app for your phone.


WeMo will also require that you buy the additional plug-in converters, but they app is well worth it when you do. With WeMo, simply plug the converter in between the electrical device and the outlet. Then you can access your smartphone to see if you have left a device on, and you can also turn it off from anywhere you have a connection. No more leaving the curling iron on or wondering if you forgot to turn off the lights, as WeMo makes it easy to keep up with your routine chores.

Internet Control Services

It’s hard to put a specific app name here, because you never know who you’ll rely on for cable depending on the service that’s available in your area. However, no matter what service you have, be sure that you check to see if they also offer an app for your smartphone as well. Most of the time, these apps will allow you the ability to record shows, check your listings, and even watch when you aren’t at home. Smartphones and technology change the way that the world operates on a daily basis. And since much of this technology has now turned into things that the average person can have in their home, it has made for much easier living conditions. If you have a smartphone and are looking for the best apps to download, be sure to consider the ones here.

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