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Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

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Adding a bit of green to your apartment can have a multitude of benefits. Not only do they act as a natural air purifier to make for healthier breathing conditions, but the perfect plant can also add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your home as well.
Apartments are perfect for plants. That being said, not all plants are going to be accommodating for your lifestyle or living considerations. To help you find one that is, here are some of the best indoor plants for your apartment.

Chinese Evergreen

Once you set your eyes on a Chinese Evergreen, you’ll likely fall in love and want to put one in your apartment right away. These plants are perfect for your apartment because they will grow to be a medium size, and you can trim accordingly to keep things under control based off your living conditions. Chinese Evergreens are also perfect for those who may be first dipping their green thumb into a pot of soil. They aren’t overly difficult to maintain, but the overall result is a beautiful plant with unique patterns that will have your guests complementing it over and over.


Cacti are typically an ideal option for those that don’t have a lot of time or effort to put towards maintaining a plant, while still wanting something that looks great in their home. After all, if a cacti can live in the desert, it should have no problem in your apartment. Just make sure that you give a cacti the minimal care it needs, and you’ll have a plant that lasts for quite some time.

African Violet

An African Violet in your home will be an attention grabber. This flower is one of the most beautiful on the list, as the deep purples are something to marvel over. Granted, African violets typically take a bit more attention and care, so they might be the perfect project for an advanced green thumb. That in mind, it will be well worth the effort when you have a beautiful plant in your apartment.
Tip: Keep your African violet away from windows, as too much heat is a sure-fire way to kill the plants you’ve worked so hard to grow.

Ficus Tree

Ficus trees take a bit of maintenance, but nothing overly complicated. We love how the braided Ficus tree grows, as it makes one of the more unique options on this list. The one thing to keep in mind with braided Ficus trees is that they can get to be large, so consider this while outfitting your apartment.


Finally, a succulent is another beautiful option to consider adding to your apartment. With multiple layers of deep greens, reds, and purples, a succulent is perfect for indoor weather conditions. It’s adaptive and can grow in a variety of different temperatures, no matter what it’s like inside your apartment. A succulent is a unique and beautiful plant that will be a great compliment to your home.
Having plants can really make your apartment stand out. But while not all options are ideal for indoor living, consider those on this list as the best indoor plants for your apartment.

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