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Best Coffee Shops In Las Vegas

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Sure, brewing your own daily cup of coffee and taking a travel mug to work is the most economically responsible thing to do, but it’s not very fun is it? If you’re finding a need to switch things up and you’ve got a little time to kill, do yourself a solid and check out some of these notable Las Vegas-area coffee shops to get a cup of joe – or a little bit more.

Rise and Shine With Sunrise Coffee

Sunshine Coffee on East Sunset Road has won the hearts and caffeine-withdrawn minds of its customers, helping it earn a top spot on Yelp. What makes Sunrise one of Vegas’s best? Customers sing praises of their outdoor seating, great coffee, and awesome breakfast, which may be what really draws the customers. Their menu is full of yummy, healthy, and not-so-healthy breakfast and lunch items, including the curiously-named “Aliens Left a Burrito in the Middle East,” a vegan-friendly burrito that sports beans, cheese, spinach, avocado, bell peppers, and ranch.

Loads To Do at The Beat

Sometimes the right environment is just what you need for creativity to strike. That’s precisely what The Beat, a super-hip coffee shop downtown on Fremont and 6th, seems to be going for. In terms of drinks, The Beat has all the standards you’d expect of a coffee shop – drip coffee, lattes, mochas and espresso. But, they also offer smoothies and… wait for it… beer on tap! They also have cider, martinis, and even shots at the ready, no one’s going to blame you if you stay past your mid-day caffeine pick-me-up. And with live music, open mic nights, comedy shows, and a zine library, there will be plenty to do.

Desert Wind Offers the Personal Touch

Sometimes you get a little tired of the same old coffee from the same old big-name brand. It’s in times like these that you should venture out into the wild and seek out the little guys who are making a name for themselves. OK, Desert Wind Coffee Roasters isn’t in the wild – it’s on Sahara Avenue near Spring Valley – and they aren’t very little – they have a respectably-sized roaster they use on-site. But the independent coffee producer is famous for the intimate atmosphere its owners provide; customers seem to only have kind words to say about them. If you feel like making a little magic at home, they also sell bags of their beans to go.

Pull an All-Nighter at Madhouse

One fitting word can sum up up Madhouse Coffee on West Desert Inn Road: eclectic. From the odd art hanging all the walls to the suggestive sandwich names to the drive-thru (seriously, what coffee shops have drive-thrus?!), a visit to Madhouse is going to be a memorable experience. But whatever odd things Madhouse has going for it is matched by the useful features it provides its patrons. Not only is there free Wi-Fi, but the shop is also open 24 hours. Perfect for students who left their assignments until the last minute or late-night revelers ready to swap tales of their epic night. This is only the beginning of what the area has to offer in smart and unique coffee shops. You could probably spend years of weekends checking out each one. To keep exploring, keep your eyes peeled on Yelp, Foursquare, and your local paper’s food section for more Vegas coffee shop tips.

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