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Benefits Of Eliminating Soda From Your Diet

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Diets can be incredibly challenging. Before jumping into a major diet, do something simple that will end up making a big impact on your health. Taking soda out of your daily consumption will make you feel better inside and out. You’ll have more energy, sleep better, and have a healthier body. Here are the benefits of eliminating soda from your diet:
1. Hydration: Even though sodas are a liquid, they don’t hydrate your body. Soda has salts and sugars that need water in order to digest, which ends up costing your body its precious supply. This means you can actually dehydrate yourself solely by drinking sodas. The less sodas you drink, the more water your body will retain. When drinking less soda, replace those cravings with other things that support your health, like tea and water. You’ll have more energy, feel less bloated, and sleep better being hydrated.
2. Better Teeth: Sodas come with lots of sugars and acids. When you cut out sodas, you won’t be exposing your teeth to harmful things that will destroy them. Stains aren’t the worst of your worries. Cavities and gum disease are also right around the corner. Cut the sodas to prevent your teeth from decaying.
3. Lose Weight: Ditching the colas will also reduce your sugar intake, which will help you lose some extra pounds. It’s a pleasant surprise to find that your pants are a little looser after taking soda out of your daily diet. Sugar is the main culprit for extra weight gain, as well as several other health problems. The less sugar the better.
4. Regulate Blood Sugar: Along with weight loss, you’ll also experience better blood sugar levels. You’ll cut your chances of diabetes and stabilize the fluxuations in blood sugar spikes. You will have less sugar cravings, you won’t get jittery, and you won’t experience the draining crashes throughout the day.
5. Better Digestion: Most colas are made with high fructose corn syrup. Essentially, it’s a sugar syrup made from corn that is cheap for manufacturers to use. It tastes sweet, but it can also bother your stomach. Corn can irritate your stomach, making you feel bloated and cause poor digestion. When you dramatically cut down on high fructose corn syrup, then your stomach will be able to process food better, making you feel better.
6. Drop in Heart Disease: Combined with everything else, less sugar also means a healthier heart. Sugar not only causes weight gain, but it also leads to high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, and fatty liver disease, which all put excess strain on the heart. With less sodas, you’ll have a better overall health.
Start off by doing something good for yourself by simply cutting back your soda intake. You’ll have lasting energy throughout the day, you won’t experience big crashes and mood swings, and you’ll want to make more and more healthier choices. The less cola you have, the more water you’ll want to drink.

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