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Belongings Galore with Little To No Space

Apartment Living

“Home is where the heart is,” along with all the other belongings you’ve acquired over your stretch of time here on earth.  There are two things that are rarely in abundance, time and space!  There is little to nothing we can do to alter or stop time but there are effective living tips that alleviate the headaches and stress associated with having little to no space in the place you call home.  Before jumping to the conclusion that it is time to move into a larger apartment, consider these inventive space-freeing tips.

From Storage Room to Living Room

A living room is generally the public area of any home.  If you decide to entertain or have company, the living room is the space where, well, actual space is required.  A way to alleviate the exasperation of small or cramped living quarters is to efficiently decorate and accessorize the area.  Storage ottoman sets are advantageous, creating both an elegant look with multifaceted purpose, acting as both seating and storage apparatuses.  Likewise coffee tables with converting capabilities (pull-up top surfaces or shelved bottom levels) double as convenient storage areas and elevated living room writing and working spaces.  Bookcases are also a must when trying to create an air of sophistication and an efficiently designed living space.  Bookcases provide areas for displaying mementos and accomplishments as well as shelving for books and magazines.  Decorating the room with appropriately placed mini shelves creates spaces for pictures, movies and CD’s eliminating the need for bookcases, coffee and end tables if the area does not permit them.  The use of flat screen televisions opposed to bulkier tube televisions and taking advantage of their wall-mounting capabilities eliminate the use of colossal entertainment systems and TV stands, which take up a lot of space.

No Room in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are usually the hardest room to accommodate in reference to spacing.  When you combine smaller apartment sized rooms with large furniture, catering to house decorating, the result is a really tight sleeping space.  A full-sized bed, nightstand and dresser may leave little to no space for any additional items such as a TV stand, desk, vanity or additional seating.  Choosing an item such as a Captain’s Bed with under-the-bed storage drawers and bookcase type headboards, adds extra storage in the primary bedroom fixture, the bed.  Under the bed storage abilities eliminates the need for a dresser or can provide additional storage to compensate for a lack of closet space.

Bathroom’s Need Space Too

Bathrooms in even the most lavish of houses are generally the smallest room in a home.  A way to create more space in a bathroom is by using over the toilet racks, corner shower caddies and over the showerhead caddies.  Each of these space saving items will provide much needed shelving which acts as both a space creating components and decorative elements.  Spruce up the space under the bathroom sink with baskets that also keep you organized.


All in all, creativity is the key.  There are diverse furniture types to explore that exude elegance and are constructed with efficiency in mind.  Freeing up living space through the use of multi-purposeful furniture will prove to create a larger more organized living space.


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