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Arranging Bedroom Furniture To Make The Best Use Of Your Space

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The bedroom should be your place of peace and comfort, and how you organize your room contributes to these feelings. If you’re feeling blah about your room, it’s time for a change, and the place to begin is with the most important part of your room: the furniture. Changing your room’s layout drastically affects the feel of the room. After all, it isn’t just about what you have; it’s also about how you use it. Consider these tips when arranging your bedroom furniture.

Make a Plan

It can be very difficult to eye up potential changes to your bedroom. Take on this challenge from above by doing what the pros do. Sketch out a design of your room on a piece of paper, and then, using other, proportionally-sized bits of paper, add cutouts of the furniture you want to include in your room. Make sure to note where windows, doors, and closets are.

Go From Largest to Smallest

As you fit your room together, start large and widdle your way down to the smaller objects you want to include. Your bed will probably be the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so start there, and then begin fitting everything around it. A dresser may come next, and then a desk or shelf. There probably won’t be too many things you want to include, so it should be easy to play around with these few pieces.

Make Room For Only the Necessities

However, if you’re finding that you can’t get the puzzle pieces to fit together, it might be time to consider either kicking some furniture out to another room or downsizing what you already have. While getting a new bed may not be a viable option, you should be more easily able to downsize your dresser to something a little more compact. To keep it cheap, see if any friends are willing to trade, or take a trip to the local thrift store. Remember that with a little DIY elbow grease, used furniture can transform into some of your most impressive belongings.

Do More With Less

If you’re dealing with a small space, start thinking about ways you can make your furniture do double duty. For instance, if your bed is raised, can you fit some storage drawers beneath? If your bedroom has a closet, there’s a ton of opportunity for storage there, as well. Look around at the pieces of furniture you have. Is there any way you can squeeze multiple uses out them?

Avoid Clutter

It’s sometimes hard to fit everything we have into one space, and even if you’ve only included the most important bits in your room, you may still be feeling a bit cramped. Clutter can turn a space-smart room into a nightmare, so do your best to keep your bills, pocket change, and clothing stored away in their proper places. A clean bedroom is half the battle, really. Hopefully these tips will lead you to a better-coordinated area that gives you more breathing room. If you’re still having trouble finding out how best to arrange your furniture, have a look online or in home design magazines to get inspiration. And don’t forget, there’s nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Your crazy idea might just be the best one you have!

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