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Are You Going To Pop The Question? 5 Creative Proposal Ideas

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You’ve been dating your SO for a while, and you are confident that you don’t want to spend another day without him or her. You’ve given it great thought, and you want to invest in a ring to make things official. As you plan out your big proposal, consider your SO’s personality and what he or she would want. Does she like public events, or does she like to keep things intimate? Tailor the proposal to her wants and ask her the best question she’ll ever hear. Here are five creative proposal ideas:
1. Nostalgia: Go back in time and relive some of your first dates. Remember back to when love was new, and you were still getting to know each other. You’ll feel the same rush of emotions come back to you by replaying all of the memories. As you finish your tour of memory lane, choose a location that is meaningful to you both, and pop the question. That location will have even more meaning after she says “Yes.”
2. Write it in the Air: Make a grand gesture and let everyone know how much you love your sweetheart. Hire a professional pilot to write a message in the sky with the exhaust or make a banner to pull across the sky. In the message, write her name, and “Marry me?” Be sure of the timing, so that you can plan to be in the perfect location to spot the sign. As she reads the message, get on your knee and had her the ring. She’ll be blown away!
3. Sweet Notes: Keep things sweet a personal by hiding sweet little messages around your house. One by one, list something that you love about your SO and a clue as to where to find the next note. She’ll love the hunt to find the next message. At the end, set up a romantic setting with candles, flowers, and her favorite champagne. Be there when she finds it and ask the big question. Spend the night celebrating together.
4. Scenic View: If you and your loved one like a good adventure, then take her out to a special location with a breathtaking view. You can hike there, drive to a spot, or go on boat to a beautiful natural landscape. As you both are taking in the view, hand her the ring and let her know why you love her. Have a friend who’s in on it to take excellent photos of her reaction and joy.
No matter which avenue you choose, it’ll be a memory that you both cherish for a lifetime. Take some extra time to consider what she would want out of a proposal, and have close friends and relatives nearby if it’s something you know she would want to share in. Find a similar interest or something that makes your relationship unique, and make that part of the proposal. She’ll love that you took extra time and care to think of every little detail to make it special.

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