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Apps That Can Help You Stay Fit During the Holidays

As the holiday season rolls around, it can be difficult to keep your hands out of the cookie jar. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice dessert. Use the gym amenities on site to have the best of both worlds.
Science says that high intensity workouts give you the most results the fastest. But what exactly is high intensity, and how do you know you’re doing it right? If you’re like me, it can be difficult to walk into a gym and start working out. Which machines do I use, and how can I track my progress? Use these apps to give you structured workouts to target every area of your body, and log your results to see how you progress over the weeks. Here are the best apps that can help you stay fit during the holidays.
1. FitStar: FitStar was made for those who want to lift some weight. Ladies, you should be lifting weights too! It’s one of the best ways to quickly strengthen your muscles, but also makes your bones and joints stronger, too. Osteoporosis doesn’t stand a chance with some regular weightlifting. This program was designed by the former NFL trainer, Tony Gonzalez, which takes the guess work out of a routine. He gives you daily workouts so you can see gains and improvements without the worry of injury.
2. Pact: This is a new concept on motivation. It’s less about what to do in the gym, and all about getting you into the gym. Pact lets you wager money on whether or not you’ll complete your workout. If you reach your goals, you can win cash. Those who lost their bets add to the pot, so when you complete your workout, you get to reap the rewards. We know that you will finish every workout, so there’s no harm. Plus, you’ll get a little extra pocket money for extra Christmas gifts. What better way to motivate you than to pay you to work out? Yes, please!
3. Sworkit: This app was created to help you target and tackle those problem areas. Have you always had trouble with your midline? Sworkit has your back. Choose what area of the body you want to see improvements in, and Sworkit will give you customized workouts to radically improve your weak spots. Did we mention that it also connects to Spotify, so you can stream your favorite tunes along with your favorite workout?
4. Touchfit GSP: George St-Pierre, the MMA World Champion, is now your personal coach. He will guide you through fat burning, muscle-building routines that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous. He programs each workout to give you a taste of everything. You’ll hit cardio, weights, balance, and more, and it’s not easy. You can program it to start you off at a beginner’s level and amp it up as you get stronger. It’s fun and different every day.
Don’t leave your fitness up to chance. Take the stress out of planning your workouts and leave it up to the experts. Elite athletes have designed these apps to make your life easier. Take advantage of it and stay fit even throughout the holiday season!

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