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Apps for Productivity to Help You Stay on Top of Life

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Life never slows down, but it can get a little bit easier with some helpful tools. Whether you are typically a focused worker, or if you struggle to keep your mind in one place, there are apps that are designed to help make the most out of your day. You can use these apps in work situations or for your day-to-day activities. These apps take the guesswork out of how-to best structure your day.
1. Trello: This app is one of the most popular for keeping people on track. It acts like a project manager, where you can post boards that can be private or shared among friends. It’s like having a massive white board of projects that you (or your team) need to do. You can add photos and links from other apps to the boards so that everything is all in one place. The app tells you what the progress is on each action item, so you know where you stand. Plus, you can login and work on it anywhere from any computer or mobile device.
2. Buffer: This app is a godsend if you need help managing your social media. Small business owners need all the help that they can get with running their business. There are so many different platforms to keep up with nowadays, and customers expect a fast response. Buffer is the one place that you have to check for updates, reviews, and where you can make and schedule posts that go out on any social media site that you want.
3. Cisco Spark: So much of what we do now is remote and mobile. Have the freedom to take the job with you wherever you go and stay connected to everything that you need. Cisco Spark lets you securely send messages and files, talk face-to-face for collaborations, and host webinars for others to learn from.
4. FocusList: This app structures your day so that you can get the most work done in the shortest amount of time. It breaks up your day and gives you specific tasks to work on in hour increments. By breaking up your day, you are able to hit all of the tasks that you have to do without getting stuck in a rut. You chip away at each one, one at a time, over the course of hours or days until it’s complete.
5. Forest: Forest is almost exactly like FocusList, but with one added feature. If you struggle with keeping focused on the task at hand by cruising social media, Forest will help you break that habit. If you don’t stray away from your task, then a tree grows in a virtual field, but if you aren’t able to resist, then one gets chopped down. The goal is to have a full forest of trees. It’s encouraging to see the benefit of staying focused.
6. Hours: This app gives you an idea of how long you spend on a specific task. It’s easy to keep track of how long you work on a given task with this simple to use tracking tool. You can report to your boss how long it took you so you can have actual evidence instead of estimating. It’s excellent for seeing how you spend your day. Maybe there are areas that take up too much time, and you can see where you need to balance out your day more.
These apps will benefit procrastinators and task-oriented people alike. Everyone has a weakness while they are working. It’s best to be realistic and honest with yourself about where you need help. Maybe social media is where you fall apart and you need help managing it. Buffer will take the stress out of your day. Perhaps you aren’t charging enough for your product because you spend more time on your craft than you originally thought; then Hours is the app for you. Take advantage of these great apps for productivity to make life easier on you!

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