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6 Fashion Trends You'll See Everywhere Fall 2018

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There are the classic styles that stand the test of time, and then there are the fashion trends that come and go with the seasons. Even though they may not last, it still is a direct reflection of what is going on in our culture and society at the time. This year, you can see a direct reversal of what the fashion industry has gravitated to in the past few years. We are in an age of big change, and our clothing choices reflect that.
1. Legs for Days: As opposed to the long maxi dresses that were in for several years, we are now seeing ultra miniskirts making a comeback. Sheer stockings or nude legs are in for the fall season. Find confidence with your bold statement of sexy legs. Even your long gowns can be fashion forward with a high slit that shows off your legs as you walk.
2. Animal Prints on Animal Prints: You’ll see animal prints on top of more animal prints. Bold outer layers are big. You’ll find leopard print coats, zebra pants, and faux fur scarves. People want to be covered head to toe with everything animal print. PETA will still be happy to know that they are all inspired by animals, and not actual animal products.
3. Floral Everything: This Fall, you’ll see floral prints in every store. You’ll see big floral patterns, and whimsical, romantic patterns alike. Gravitate towards the style that suits your unique taste whether it be structural or ephemeral. Flowy dresses add to the femininity of wearer.
4. 70’s Vibe of Denim on Denim: Retro is always “in” as long as it has a modern touch! This year, you’ll see a nod to the 70’s and 90’s with denim on denim. Jean jackets with jean pants are a hot new look this year that takes us back to decades past.
5. Year-Round Velvet: You may have already noticed an unusually large amount of velvet in odd places. There were velvet swimsuits, velvet handbags, and velvet shoes this year. As Fall comes around, you’ll continue to see more velvet, in shirts, miniskirts, and boots. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that hasn’t gotten the recognition that it needs. It’s soft, yet durable and warm all at the same time. It’s the perfect fabric for cooler weather.
6. Rainbow Colors: Bright bold colors on top of more bright colors will be everywhere. You won’t see as many bold accessories. It’s all about letting the bold fabric taking the wheel this year. Let the color combinations be the defining statement that you make. Rainbow colors will flood the streets this fall with every color imaginable.
Our clothes say much more than what we like to wear. It’s about what we want to represent and express. This year, find your voice by choosing a bold statement and letting the fabric do all of the talking. Either way, it’s fun to see all of the unique combinations and join in the fashion trends of the season.

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