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5 Ways To Be More Productive

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Every year, the same thing happens:  Millions of Americans swear they will abide by their sacred resolutions from January, but only a mere few weeks later do these promises find themselves lost and forgotten about.  That is why Ovation Property Management has some simple ways to help keep you productive and true to your goals.  So easy, you won’t be able to fail.

1.  Wake up earlier

Many of us are driven by that loud alarm that sounds in the morning; annoying, relentless and punctual as it is, you know there’s a darn good reason you should be up.  Whether you’re addicted to the snooze button or are a born and bred procrastinator, try waking up a bit earlier and see if it changes your day.  Chances are, you’ll be rushing around a bit less when you wake up and you’ll be able to easy yourself into a stress-free day.  Getting ahead never felt so good!

2.  Email Less

That’s right; email is a crutch for many of us to keep in touch with your loved ones.  Although it may be an efficiency tool for many, just as texting, g-chat or Facebook messaging may be, typed words will not always get across what you really want to say.  In fact, written words, even mine as I write them, will never describe what you want to say the same way as a spoken word.  Call your friends or family.  The response and satisfaction of going back to the standard telephone conversation will be enlightening.  If you feel like taking it a step further, try Face-timing, Skyping or Google Hangout.

3.  Compliment More

Our everyday lives are driven by the minuscule occurrences that happen each day.  It’s proven that complimenting someone each day, even giving out multiple compliments (genuine in nature), will help you develop a more friendly demeanor and open up doors to new friendships and working relationships.  Compliments are a selfless act that can not only change someone else’s day, but make you feel good too.  As cheesy as it may sound, compliment and you’ll live a better life filled with more conversations and interesting stories than you anticipated.

4.  Stay In Touch

You've been promising to get back together with so-and-so for a long, long time now.  It’s time to make it happen and throw all of those empty promises down the drain.  Make it happen and match up your calendar a few months out to that person or people you've been wanting to spend time with.  You’ll be surprised how fast a few months can roll around, and before you know it you’ll be looking forward to your long-awaited get-together.  Be an organizer and plan something fun with your friends.

5.  Moderation

There are many resolutions that can be thrown into the large ‘all things in moderation barrel’, but if you just choose one area to focus on it will make a big impact.  If you’re trying to cut down on your electric bills, adjust your temperature to something more moderate - your wallet will thank you.  Looking to eat healthy?  Go out and replace some of the food you eat with something more nourishing than a Hot Pocket.  This doesn't mean you need to eat organic veggies and fruit all day, but just change one thing and you’ll see a big difference.  Treat yourself right by moderating what you do.

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