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5 Steps To Throwing A Hit Holiday Party

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Throwing a party is fun, but it can also be stressful to coordinate. Keep things simple and fun for a great party that will have people talking for weeks. You want to be able to enjoy your party too, so don’t stress about the little things. If you have these 5 things in place, then you’ll have a hit party with low stress.
1. Food: No party is complete without excellent food. Choose what kind of style party you will have. Are you wanting people to mix and mingle, or do you want more of a formal sit-down style? This will determine what type of food you serve. For a formal setting, you can have a plated meal with larger entree portions, like turkey, roast, or other main course meals. The casual style will be more of a buffet, where people make their own plates. Typically, you want something that is easier to pick up and hold like a burger, sandwich, meat balls, etc. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen while you’re supposed to be out enjoying everyone’s company. Don’t feel responsible for the entire meal. Ask friends to bring something to add to the buffet or have some of the food catered. It makes life much easier, and less stressful for you so you can enjoy the party, too.
2. Drinks: No party is complete without a few great holiday drinks. You can keep things PG with hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and tea, or you can toss in a few adult beverages to add some flavor to the party. Mulled wine, hot toddy, and spiked eggnog are all great holiday classics. Let your guests know what you have to offer and give them the option to BYOB if they want to have something different.
3. Music: The music sets the mood for the party. If you’re going with the formal setting, then try a classical ensemble of holiday classics. If you want to keep the energy high, then have a playlist of pop holiday music to get people in the spirit of dancing.
4. People: While you are preparing for your party, keep in mind who will be attending. Set out food, drinks, and music that most of your guests will enjoy. Find food, drinks, and music that offers a little something that everyone can enjoy. The more your guests enjoy the night, the longer they’ll stay.
5. Decorations: Last but not least is the decorations. This is the last piece that brings out the holiday cheer. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, have a few decorations that reflect the time. This will tie everything together and make the party special. Encourage your guests to wear silly sweaters or come in costume.
You can have party games laid out for people to play if they want. If people are having a great time mingling and dancing, don’t force anyone to play a game if they aren’t into it. Let the party flow and have options with games and music. It’s more fun with everyone is having a great time!

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