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5 Signs You're Ready To Move In Together

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You and your significant other spend all of your time together. You’re spending every night together, and it seems pointless to have two rent bills. Moving in together is a big step, so take your time when deciding whether it’s a good time. Here are five signs you’re ready to move in with your significant other:
1. You’re Stable in Your Relationship: Before you jump into living together, you want to make sure that you’re in a healthy relationship. Usually this means having been together for at least a year or more. You know each other well, and you know that this relationship isn’t fleeting. You don’t want to sign a lease only to separate a few months in. After being together for a duration of time, you’ll have seen each other at your worst and your best. If you have made it through some hard times, then you can be confident that your love can outlast a lease.
2. You Have Open Communication: Living together brings with it tensions that dating doesn’t have. You want to be able to openly talk to the other person about everything from emotions to practicalities. Discuss schedules, cleaning habits, financial expenses, and set priorities together to give you a unified goal to achieve. Talk about guests coming over, how you want to spend your free time, and things that are important to you. It may seem trivial, but sharing the TV, and figuring out shower schedules can become big deals. Talk about anything and everything to express your feelings, wants and needs to keep the line of communication open. As you talk with each other, respect the other person's needs as well. You can speak your truth without being rude or hurtful.
3. You Know How to Spend Time Together and Apart: Of course, you enjoy being together, but you are also ok with spending some time apart. Know when and how to ask to spend some time alone, or with a friend. It’s ok to do things separately. If you are confident in your relationship to have time apart as well as time together, then you are on a good path to living together.
4. You Know Who You Are Outside of Your SO: You love your significant other and don’t want to spend life without them. That’s great, but you also know who you are as a person without them. You have your own likes, dislikes, interests, friends, and goals. You don’t want to separate yourself from your SO, but you also are able to stand on your own two feet. Being secure in yourself allows you to bring more to the table in the relationship. You will know how to ask for the things that you need. No one else can complete you, and no amount of company will make you less lonely. You have to know and do that for yourself.
5. You’re Both Financially Stable: Lastly, you both need to be able to chip into the rent and utilities bill reliably every month. Discuss how you will fund your new apartment together and where you want to spend your extra money. Finances are one of the biggest relationship killers. Be proactive and have that conversation before it becomes an issue.
It’s great living with someone that you love. You have constant company, someone to tuck you in at night, and help out with the chores and finances. Be open and honest about what you want and need before jumping into a legal contract with someone.

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