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2018 Beauty Trends

It’s all about the effortless cool in 2018. The natural beauty with a touch of color is stealing the runways. These mermaid-inspired looks have glowing skin, a cool pop of color, and simple beachy waves. Learn the latest ways to enhance your features. Don’t get over excited and do all of these at once. Keep things simple by choosing to do one of these five new techniques to achieve the perfect new look.
1. Brushed Up Brows: We’ve gone through the years of pencil brows, and in the past couple years, the full brow has been popular. Now, the look to have is a full brow that is brushed upward and held in place with a clear primer. It’s subtle but creates an edgy and unique look. It’s youthful and fresh. Create this look by filling in the arch of the brows with a powder. Buy an eyebrow groomer. This is shaped like a large mascara wand. It can be a clear gel, or it can be slightly colored. Take your eyebrow groomer and brush the hairs closest to the bridge of your nose directly up. As you move over the arch, keep an upward motion, but follow the natural line of the arch.
2. All About the Lips: There are two extremes this year; it’s either a nude and glossy lip, or a bright punch of matte red for the lip. If you choose to do an eye color, then go for the nude lip, but if the eyes are subtle, then let the lips be the showstopper. Let your natural features guide you. If you naturally have thin lips, then a bright red lip will age you. As we age, our lips become thinner, so by bringing attention to your thin lips, you’ll look older. Don’t fret--dress up your beautiful eyes instead and leave the lips nude. Not all reds are the same. Every color has an undertone color. If you shy away from red lips because you think it makes your teeth look yellow, then find a red lip color that has a cool undertone. Reds that are deeper with a blue tint will make your smile look flawless while giving you that powerful pop of color.
3. Streak of Eye Color: Get creative with the eye color and go for bold teals, navys, and bright oranges to splash over the lids. To avoid the colors blending, choose only one color and make a big statement with it. Have electric orange eyeliner or get geometric with the eye color. Think about funky and fun.  
4. Nude Glowing Face: The soft, glowing face is the fresh look that everyone is after. Contouring is taking a backseat to the highlighted, flawless look of the nude face. Go for the natural look and glowing cheekbones.
5. Eye Jewelry: This one is more extreme than the others we’ve seen. It’s not just glitter shadows--it’s gems around the eye. With everything else on the face a natural nude glow, the newest thing is to have small gems outline the eye. These stick-on gems are spaced evenly around the eye to make your eyes literally sparkle.
Have a fresh face, and dress it up by choosing one feature to bring all of the attention to. It’s a fun, laid-back style that brings a subtle edgy feel to your look. Look to the runways to get inspired and test out the style that suits you best in 2018.

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