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10 Things Your Apartment Needs

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Is it “survival of the fittest,” or more catered to modern times, “survival of the most prepared?”   Either way, it is best to be ready for anything and everything.  Whether it's bad weather, a black out or plan old sick in bed, there are essential items that will make the stay in your home more accommodating.
  1. A Place To Lay Your Head: Yes, it seems overly basic, but it's easy to get caught up in the smaller things. Just because you think you can get away with sleeping on a futon doesn't mean your back will agree. Sleep comfortable and everything else, even the smallest space with the worst bathroom is suddenly tolerable.
  1. A Comfortable Relaxation Area:  Every apartment needs a space where you can wind down and relax.  Everyone will have a personal preference on what this type of area consists of.  Some will want a comfortable place to seek solace, maybe read a book or meditate.  Others will want an area made for entertaining.  Regardless of your taste, make this space a place where you can retreat and recharge.
  1. Kitchen Basics:  Although you’re no Master Chef contestant, it is still important to have the basics in your kitchen.  Like the relaxation area, this can vary per person.  Where one person will need the items necessary to cook a 5-course meal, another may need a microwavable bowl, can opener, and microwave.   Either way, ensure you have what suits your lifestyle.
  1. A Few Good Books:  A few books are always good to have around. Sometimes you just want to flip through the pages for inspiration or a little reading.  And if anything, they look impressive!!  A bookcase will certainly add to the look of your apartment.
  1. Extra Extension Cords:  There is nothing more annoying than having the urge to rearrange a living space and having to leave the project to buy extension cords. Whether it’s rearranging or the old one simply blew a fuse, extras are convenient to have around.
  1. Additional Seating for Guest:  Home is where the heart is, and although we cater our living spaces to our personal needs, it's important to remember the social aspects of life.  Even if you are not the social butterfly type, a place for guests to sit is important.  Worst case scenario; keep a couple folding chairs in a closet.
  1. A Toolbox:  One of the most indispensable items you could own is a toolbox.  A toolbox ensures that for any given predicament, you have a possible fighting chance (giving you know how to use the tools).  A screwdriver, hammer, a tape measure, a level, adjustable wrench, and set of Allen wrenches are most likely needed within the home.  A box cutter is a small and simple tool will save you a great deal of headache when it comes to opening boxes, unpacking furniture or trying to get electronics out of the jail like packaging they are sold in.  The good thing is if you are not handyman savvy, its ok, the Internet (mainly You Tube) is a click away.  And even still, there's always duct tape.
  1. Battery Operated Flashlights and Portable Chargers: Being ready for the unthinkable will make the difference between surviving and chilling out till a storm passes.  Being prepared with alternative lighting and charging sources will make a very uncomfortable blackout, storm or other circumstance more bearable.
  1. Toilet Paper:  This may sound like a simple item, but it is a necessity.  Never be caught at home alone without it, even more so when you're having visitors.
  1.  And last but not least, a little Emergency Money:  You just never know when you will need it!!!
What's on your list?  Add your comments and suggestions below!

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