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10 Blogs About Las Vegas for You To Follow

Things To Do In Las Vegas
When you want to know about what’s happening in Las Vegas, where do you go? To the internet, of course. There are thousands and thousands of websites that can tell you about all of the latest things happening in the Vegas area. But, if you’re looking for a more personal, or perhaps “local” look at Las Vegas, blogs can be the perfect source of information. Here are ten blogs about Las Vegas or from Las Vegas-based writers that you might check out.

Eating Las Vegas

You don’t need to guess what this blog is all about. John Curtas has been reviewing Las Vegas restaurants since 1995, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Each year he puts out a list of 50 essential Las Vegas restaurants, and his blog covers an enormous number of restaurants in the city. Wondering what he thinks of a place? Check his blog.

Mark’s Las Vegas

While this blog is geared to tourists who want to know about Las Vegas, Mark’s Las Vegas definitely shares some tips that locals can use. Be sure to take a look at his “Offbeat Tidbits” section and “Things To Do.”

Living Las Vegas

This blog touts itself as a blog all about what it’s really like to live in Las Vegas. The blogs are easy to read and cover a wide variety of subjects.

Hiking Las Vegas

If you love to get outside and explore nature in and around Las Vegas you might enjoy Hiking Las Vegas. Branch Whitney, the blogger for this site, is a member of the 52 Peaks Club and shares lots of tips and tricks related to hiking in the area. He also shares some great info on non-hiking related things. Definitely a great blog!

Classic Las Vegas

This blog does an excellent job of sharing the history of Las Vegas. From the history of The Strip to the mob, and everything in between, you can learn lots of great information about the Las Vegas of the past. History buffs will love this one!

Vegans, Baby

Are you vegan and living in Las Vegas? Want to know the newest vegan restaurants opening? This site can help. Awesome reviews, deals on dining, and information on a vegan food tour coming soon can all be found on this blog.

The Olive Brunette

The Olive Brunette bills itself as the “ultimate lifestyle blog” which shares “secrets from a Las Vegas local.” Want to know where to go to brunch? She can help. Looking for some places to enjoy wine locally? She’s got a blog about it. If it concerns Las Vegas, you can probably read about it here.

Las Vegas Moms

This blog is a great resource for all things mom-related. Interesting articles, recipes, reviews and more are covered here. It’s your one-stop shop for your mom needs.

2 The Runway

This blog shares one couple’s travel adventures, hotel experiences, and local insight to Las Vegas. Go straight to their Las Vegas section to see what they’re talking about on the local Las Vegas scene.

Desert Dwelling

This is another Las Vegas lifestyle blog. Ivana, the blogger, talks about shopping thrift stores in Vegas, dining out, and much more. If you like following lifestyle blogs, especially from someone in your city, you’ll enjoy hers.
Where do you go when you want to know about Las Vegas as a local? Do you have specific websites or blogs you follow? Share them in the comments so others can learn more about the area from the people who know it best!

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