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J. Roxy


I have been living at the San...

I have been living at the San Croix for over a year and a half now. During this time I have come to know the entire staff. They are professional and neighborly at the same time which can be difficult to pull off; yet because they do it with sincerity, it gives this place a ?small town feel?. Everyone waves as you drive by. Benny L.

This statement is in regards...

This statement is in regards to the San Croix Management and All of the Staff. My name is Lizz; I am a resident of San Croix and I really appreciate all that they do for the tenants and the property itself. They have been doing a really nice job making sure the property is kept up and presentable. They are very friendly and kind to the residents and go above and beyond to make sure any complaints or needs of the residents are met. Lizz

I have lived in San Croix...

I have lived in San Croix community since September of 2010. I find the community to be very peaceful and quiet. I recommend San Croix for anyone who is looking for a quiet community. Steavan

Everything about living at...

Everything about living at San Croix is wonderful. The sales people, maintenance and the residents are extremely nice and helpful. Its wonderful to know your neighbors and talk with them on a regular basis. If you want a nice place to live in, San Croix is for you. Vanessa

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