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It has been a pleasure...

It has been a pleasure renting here and I will recommend to all of my friends. ZNM

Since moving into Chateau...

Since moving into Chateau Calais apartments I l have been impressed with outstanding support and assistance I have received from the intelligent and attractive office staff. The response and quality of work by the maintenance staff has met or exceeded my expectations. Although many of the tenants fail to clean up after themselves, the grounds keepers maintain the area and keep it clean and orderly. The landscaping makes it the most attractive community in Henderson. Thank you to all of you that make this place a beautiful complex to live in. Steve

I just received a new...

I just received a new microwave for my apartment. It was installed by the maintenance crew. They are so professional and caring in everything they do for me and respectful. Thank you so much for the microwave as I would not be able to afford one at this time and I use it so frequently to prepare most of my meals. You are all so nice and respectful and helpful (including the office staff) to me. Again I say thank you to all of you for such wonderful and caring help. Mary Ann

I have lived at a few...

I have lived at a few apartment complexes over the years at Chateau Calais is by far the best! The grounds are beautiful and the pools are very inviting. I love getting up in the morning and going to the office for a Starbucks coffee at no charge then sit on my balcony and watch the chipmunks running around. The office staff is always nice & helpful and the maintenance guys are the best! Thank you Chateau Calais! Melanie D.

We are honored to let you...

We are honored to let you know about our life here at Chateau Calais. We have been here since May of 2003. It has been a wonderful experience. First, we feel that this is not our ?apartment?, but it is our home. We have peace of mind living in a gated community and we know that the management staff is always vigilant of the people and events that go on in this community. To say enough about the Office personnel and the Maintenance Crew would take another five or six pages. Suffice it to say, that all of the employees here are extraordinary. Keva is the perfect Property Manager. If we come to her with a problem, a concern or a maintenance request that we need her to handle personally, she is always available to listen she determines what needs to be acted upon right away, She has gone out of her way to make sure that we are happy and content here. When we call the office, Shelley and Josie are prompt in returning our telephone calls and taking care of whatever matter we have called about. We are very impressed with the gentlemen who take care of the maintenance requests. As of yet, we have not had contact with the new Maintenance Supervisor. However, we have know Doug and Jeff for quite awhile. They have been efficient, friendly and never leave until the job is completed - we are very lucky to have them. It is a privilege to have a clean exercise room and a well taken care of and beautiful pool. We appreciate the special events that occur every so often, It is so ascetically beautiful here. The grounds are so well kept and the flowers are gorgeous. The walkways and trees are great. Everything is exceptionally clean. Since living here, we have visited friends in other rental property apartments. There was no comparison regarding the spaciousness and the amenities offered by Chateau Calais. Donald and Cathy C.

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